Twitter might get rid of the 140 character limit.

Twitter might get rid of the 140 character limit, the question is when. The rumor is now more then a half year old and there is still no confirmation for this. Read the Tweet from Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey.


Sometimes you have to tell more then 140 characters

In another long tweet Dorsey announced  that four executives where leaving the company.

The best thing we can learn from these messages is the idea to tweet more then 140 characters. Lovely to see that these messages are images. Image tweeting is exactly the concept behind the app BigTweets and the app is doing its job since june 2014!

In june 2014 BigTweets was launched at the App Store, with this simple concept, type your text and tweet it as an image. In the last year more apps has copied the concept. And now in februari 2016 an update with fresh functionality was added. Now you also can choose to split the text into multiple tweets and upload as a normal tweet, all done automatically for you. This feature is almost the same as the beloved feature Dorsey mentioned, the tweetstorm.

Maybe the next feature for BigTweets is a real tweetstorm. Let us know about your ideas.





Privacy op het web

Je gegevens zijn Goud waard

Persoonsgegevens zijn goud waard.  Bij het surfen op het web wordt er door vele websites informatie verzameld over je surfgedrag. Onder de motorkap van de website is voor de doorsnee gebruiker onzichtbaar een aantal hulpmiddelen aan het werk om deze gegevens te verzamelen en door te sturen naar diverse bedrijven. Deze bedrijven kunnen daar weer handig gebruik van maken en aan verdienen. “Privacy op het web” verder lezen

Which iOS version are your users using now?

Understanding how quick your users are updating iOS

Its not a secret that Apple devices are upgraded much faster than Android or other devices. Basic questions for every developer are how fast are my users installing updates, is it important for me as developer and where can i find this information and how to use the information.

The information where you can find this information is iTunes Connect. “Which iOS version are your users using now?” verder lezen

Swift: Error running playground.

Swift will be the new programming language for iOS. Unfortenately there are little but annoying bugs in Xcode while using Swift. In this article I will give some code samples for such a problem using OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 and Xcode 6.1

A remarkable fact is that little information can be found on the web while searching for solutions. Is Swift then not fully accepted by App developers? “Swift: Error running playground.” verder lezen

Bug in SLComposeViewController

iOS provides integrated support for social networks. Developers can use the Social framework allowing access social networks, post and share content in their apps. This post is focussed on using URL and images in Tweets.

The simplest one for composing Tweets is to implement the SLComposeViewController also known as “Tweet Sheet”. One of the advantages of using the Tweet Sheet is an automatic check of characters for a tweet. As long as you’re not adding URL or an image it’s going well.

In the images below  you can see the difference in composing a tweet including an image using Twitter and the SLComposeViewController. “Bug in SLComposeViewController” verder lezen